Safe Contact Associations

How do you become a Safe Contact Association?

The following criteria must be met to become a Safe Contact Association:

  • Have a trained NCCP Learning Facilitator
  • Have a trained NCCP Evaluator
  • Have all coaches Football Canada Safe Contact trained
    • Have 80% of all coaches Safe Contact trained
    • The remaining 20% of coaches have a year to become trained
    • All new coaches within an association become trained within a year
  • Have coaches actively teaching Safe Contact including a Safe Contact fundamental practice at the start of every season

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How is Safe Tackling taught?

Safe Tackling teaches the skill of tackling through a reverse progression module. The skill is broken down into four components that are taught from least complex to most complex. Each stage of the progression model is also taught using a whole-part-whole method meaning that the whole skill is first demonstrated before being broken down into its individual elements. Following working on the individual elements of the movement separately, the whole technique is then put back together.

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How does an association begin the process?

Contact your provincial football association’s contact person (listed below) in addition to Football Canada’s technical coordinator, Aaron Geisler (



Province Contact person Contact information
BC Duncan Olthuis
Alberta Brian Fryer
Saskatchewan Mike Thomas – Regina

Cody Halseth – Saskatoon

Manitoba Dale Jacobson

Neil Hansen 

Québec Charles-Antoine Sinotte

Frederick Verville

New Brunswick Dave Blanchard

(506) 471-0071

(506) 206-5071

Nova Scotia Jason Warren
PEI Glen Flood
Newfoundland and Labrador Brian Hughes

(709) 770-9312

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Why become a Safe Contact Association?

First and foremost, coaches have a responsibility to protect the players they instruct. Player safety at the amateur level is a coach’s top priority. Football Canada’s Safe Contact program was designed to train coaches to teach football fundamentals within a safe and fun environment.

The Safe Contact program allows associations across Canada to meet or exceed the same national standards while also allowing players and parents to easily identify which associations have adopted Football Canada’s Safe Contact program.

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What is Safe Contact?

Safe Contact is a workshop which teaches the football fundamentals of tackling and blocking techniques in a safe and fun manner. It also enables coaches to teach essential football fundamentals progression to their players which they can integrate into their practices and games. In addition to technique, the program educates and enhances coaches’ awareness of player safety while integrating players and parents into the education process.


This post is also available in: French

This post is also available in: French