When striking the ball carrier, contact should be initiated with the front of the tackler’s shoulder pads and the chest. Tacklers should never initiate contact with their helmet. The phrase “lead with the chin and the chest and strike with the chest” can be used to emphasize this critical coaching point.

Players start on one knee with the chest over the front knee, hands holstered and chin up. On the HIT command players will explosively thrust their hips forward and up, rip the hands vertically, claw the hands while squeezing the pinkies and elbows and skying the eyes.

The procedure for this drill is the same as the strike-up from knee but from the pre-contact position.

The tackler starts in the pre-contact position with their chin on the hand shield and their hands holstered. On the HIT command the tackler will execute a proper hit up and they will drive the ball carrier back 10 yards while double timing the knees.

This drill builds on the techniques taught using the strike-up on hand shield drill by introducing the tackler to striking on an actual ball carrier.

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