Protective Pads

There are a number of varieties of protective pads which are made for additional comfort and protection. Different styles of pads include:

Mouth Protectors

The mouth protector is a “mandatory” and important piece of equipment which helps to protect the teeth from damage, the jaw from fractures, and may help protect the brain from concussions.
There are two basic types of mouth guards available. Both are made of plastic and are fitted internally, protecting the athlete from frontal contact as well as blows to the underside of the jaw.

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Mouth Formed Protector

The mouth formed protector provides a good fit and does not require a dentist’s fitting. Due to its bulky nature, it may cause breathing difficulties and speech problems when in use.

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Custom Made Protector

The custom made protector requires a dentist’s fitting but provides the best fit. It provides good retention and is less bulky than the mouth formed protector.

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